Eddie's Tropical  Stewed Chicken.

 Ingredients for 5 people:

A.)  10 pieces of garlic diced.  B.)  1  packet of Sason Accent  Coriander/Annatto Seasoning and 2 packets of Sason Accent Original Seasoning.  C.) One table spoon of brown sugar.  D.) 4 table spoons of olive oil.  E.) 3 table spoons of Sofrito.  F.)  Half of a teaspoon of black pepper.  G.) Add  Adobo to your taste .  H.)  One cup and half of Pineapple Wine.  I.)  4 table spoons of tomato sauce. J.) 10 olives.  K.) One table spoon of White Vinegar.

Preparing the Ingredients: 

Take 5 chicken legs with tights and peel off the skin, then cut off the meat from the bones.  Cut the meat into 2 inch pieces.   Take the 10 olives and cut the olives into strips and throw away the seeds.

Put all the Ingredients mention above together with the cleaned meat and the olive strips into a wide pot with a cup of water.  Mix well and then slowly add the Adobo to your taste making sure not to over do it and putting too much in making it salty.  Add the Adobo little by little stirring/mixing and trying it's taste until you find it prefect.

Cooking the Stew.

Put the pot over a medium flame and bring to a slow boil with the cover off.  Stir the stew from time to time until the meat is cooked and the stew thickens. 

Serving the plate.

Serve the stew with white rice on the side and a salad made of tomatoes, crisp lettuce and small pieces of fresh ripe Mango fruit, add Italian dressing to the salad.  Hmmm, good!

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